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Quality propane retail bulk deliveries can be made for Daniels, Sheridan, Valley, and Roosevelt counties. We are a member of National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) and North Dakota Gas Association (NDPGA), as well as Rocky Montana Propane Gas Association (RMPGA). All of our propane employees are fully CTEP certified. Tank lease options are available. Propane tank and service line installation includes above ground or under (inside to the appliance and outside; residential or commercial). We also have propane heaters and accessories of all kinds. We sell and use Rego, Fisher, Marshall Excelsior, Mr. Heater, L.B. White, Empire, and Modine, just to name a few, plus American and foreign made pipes and fittings for any application and budget.

Insurance, Code, and Manufactures state that regulators must be changed within fifteen years of manufacture date! It is you and your families safety at stake!! We care about your family and our Service Tech which is why safety is #1. The new regulators have a service life of 20 – 25 yrs depending on manufacture. With Rego Regulators you get a 10yr limited warranty , and 5yr limited with Fisher.

We pride ourselves on the work we accomplish! Farmers Union Carriers will go beyond statute of limitations 1yr installations and Back all work we have done for 2yrs no ifs, ands, or butts!

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